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AMEN Pest  Control has been recognized as one of the best pest control companies in Los Angeles for 2020

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If you are still experiencing an issue with the pest we treated for within 30 days, we will come out to treat again at no cost to you!

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Welcome to the Future of Integrated Pest Management.

AMEN Pest Control provides environmentally-friendly pest control options and effective solutions for commercial properties and residential owners in the Los Angeles area. 


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Eco-Friendly, Pet-Friendly, Non-Chemical Solutions

Freezing Treatment

Carbon dioxide snow, or dry ice, freezes pests on contact (bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps, stored product pests, etc) and can be used almost anywhere, including food establishments, hotels, hospitals, and schools; and though it’s tough on bugs, it’s easy on electronics.

Heat Treatment

Hot air kills pests such as bed bugs, eradicates drywood termites, and can be used as a local treatment or a full treatment of a structure equivalent to a fumigation (tenting)

“Recently moved here but with the summer heat and weather changes the bugs have making an appearance a little too often for me.” 

Lynn Q.


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