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Welcome to the Future of Integrated Pest Management

AMEN Control began in 2013 with George Blackwell, the Owner/Operator, servicing one property management company. Today, the AMEN team services over 1,750 clients including residential complexes and homes, commercial properties, healthcare facilities, food service providers, schools,  churches, and real estate agents in Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

Our Team

George Blackwell

George has over 25 years of experience in the pest control industry. He has worked as a technician. inspector, and account manager for local, small businesses as well as international companies. In his current role as owner/operator, he now also serves as a presentation speaker with topics ranging from best practices to avoid pests, pests infestation intervention, as well as speaking as an entrepreneur and licensed professional to social enterprises designed to train homeless individuals, veterans, and others re-entering the job market.

Eugene Nguyen
Director of Operations

Eugene has 8 years experience in the pest control industry and an extensive professional history in the service sector. These combined skills have positioned him at the crossroads between field management, customer service, and service technician - our swiss army knife in residence.

Harold Jones, Sr.
Service Manager

Harold has 30 years experience in the pest control industry. He understands the biology of pests as well as their behavioral patterns, which allows him the ability to  answer almost any question and effectively treat even the most highly-infested areas. From rats to fleas, Harold is the pest whisperer.

Kenneth Eddington

Assistant Director of Operations

Kenneth Eddington works with the critical thinking skills and attentiveness to details befitting his status as a veteran of the US Armed Forces. Kenneth's commitment to growth has elevated him to the AMEN management team and nurtured his pursuit of continually acquiring additional licenses from the Structural Pest Control Board.

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