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What is Integrated Pest Management?


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technologies are environmentally-friendly pest control solutions minimizing risks to people, pets, and property. The primary considerations for IPM solutions are the environmental impact (pesticide use reduction), economic justification and viability, and creating unfavorable conditions for pests to exist, reproduce, and/or thrive. AMEN Pest Control is an industry leader in Southern California offering advanced IPM technologies, including several non-chemical treatments.

What is the Cryonite Freezing Treatment?


The Cryonite Freezing Treatment is a process that uses carbon dioxide snow, or dry ice, to freeze on contact bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps, stored product pests, and other structural pests. The Cryonite Freezing Treatment can be used almost anywhere, including food establishments, hotels, hospitals, and schools, and though it’s tough on bugs, it’s easy on electronics (can be used on electrical outlets and electronic equipment without harm).

What is the True Value promotion?


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Are there any tips to help control pests?


You can significantly reduce spiders in the home by dusting ceiling corners throughout the home as part of your regular cleaning routine, even if webs are not visible. Newly spun spider webs are invisible to the naked eye unless revealed by light or unless they become cobwebs by dust settling on the web. Spiders lay eggs in their webs, so by dusting the corners, you remove the egg sacks and possible food sources for the spiders, such as insects caught in the web.

Who are the clients?


AMEN Pest Control services all industries, including, but not limited to:

Who is my technician?


 George Blackwell and Eugene Nguyen have combined 25 years of experience in the pest control industry providing service and sales and earning many awards and honors.


George and Eugene have successfully designed pest control programs to introduce new products and customize service methods to prevent pest infestation.

You are guaranteed to receive the best services to help eliminate your pest issue at hand.

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