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Our Services

How Can We Protect Your Home?


General Pest Control

- Roaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, 
   stored food pests, etc.
- Recurring or one-time service
- Interior and/or exterior


Rodent Control

- Initial capture and removal
- Sanitation report detailing entry points
   and recommending prevention 
-  Monthly maintenance option


Bed Bug Treatment

-  Sanitation report recommending 
    recovery and  prevention strategies
-  Bed bug monitoring continues after 
    initial treatment


Termite Treatment

- Drywood termites, subterranean           termites, and other wood destroying organisms
-  Local treatments, sub-area treatments, and fumigations
-  Inspection report details plumbing leaks, mold, fungus, wood damage, faulty grade   issues, and moisture problems.


Bee/Wasp & Bird Treatments

- Bird repellent treatment
- Bird exclusion set-up
- Beehive/Wasp Nest removal


Freezing Treatment

Carbon dioxide snow, or dry ice, freezes pests on contact (bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps, stored product pests, etc) and can be used almost anywhere, including food establishments, hotels, hospitals, and schools; and though it’s tough on bugs, it’s easy on electronics.


Heat Treatment

Hot air kills pests such as bed bugs, eradicates drywood termites, and can be used as a local treatment or a full treatment of a structure equivalent to a fumigation (tenting)

Running into major pest problems?

We can help you! Contact us today for more information about
our services! Guaranteed response time within 24 hours.

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