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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Here are a few helpful tips to keep critters out of your home during the holiday season:

Check the Christmas Tree (All Greenery) Before Bringing It Inside

Pests, such as spiders and spiders, can be found on the branches or needles. Pests can love to live/ lay eggs in all greenery. Before bringing any Christmas tree or mistletoe into your home, be sure to inspect it thoroughly to prevent any future infestation.

Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning is so, so important. Here are some cleaning tips we suggest:

  • Keep countertops clean to eliminate crumbs and food that might attract ants, cockroaches, and rodents.

  • Keep your bathroom clean to avoid attracting bugs

  • Seal gaps in walls, doors and baseboards to prevent pests from entering your walls.

  • Regularly wash all sheets and linens to avoid dust mites and fight off bed bugs.

Keeping your home clean will go very far toward making sure pests are away during the holidays.

Cover/ Store All Food

If you are anything like our staff here at AMEN, we love holiday meals! Unfortunately, pests and rodents love them too. After every meal, all food needs to be covered and crumbs should be swept up. Before the holiday meal, also ensure all expired food is thrown out.

We Are Still Here to Help!

If you have any questions or believe the pests are taking over during the holiday season, give us a call at 888-428-2636 or email us at We'd be more than happy to schedule a free inspection and help take care of your pests!

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